This series of hair cuffs are inspired by Damir Doma, a young Croatian couture designer known for his minimalist architectural designs. Damir Doma's designs are streamlined and value purity of form over embellishments. 

On the runway, Damir Doma's models often wore their hairs in ponytail, held with elastics that match the hair color of the model. The elastics seemed unrefined compared to the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to details in the clothing, and it gave rise to the idea of designing hair cuffs. The hair cuffs draw elements from Damir Doma's designs, especially the use of lines, geometry, and contrasting textures. The very few jewelry pieces from Damir Doma all utilize tubular structure or tubes as details, which is also incorporated in the hair cuffs. 

Above: hair cuffs edited into photos of Damir Doma runway models